Eagle Flight Days 2014

This year from June 27th to June 29th was the 2014 Eagle Flight Days.  There was a parade on Saturday, June 28th.  I took the opportunity to take some candid photos of the parade participants and observers.

Traditional fly over by a helicopter.  My friend Brandon was telling me about last years fly over before it started.  He said it was a large, low flying, military Apache helicopter.  This one was okay, but not what I was expecting.

The Lawn Chair guys were very fun to watch.  They stopped at the intersection I was by and did a little performance.

As with a lot of parades the politicians were out campaigning.  Here is a photo with a shout out to my friend, Richard Mayne.

Loved this black Lab and the great classic truck!

Great kids from the Rec Center.

These girls scouts could have been the biggest hit of the parade had they been handing out their famous cookies!

At the end of the parade it is traditional for the fire department to cool everyone off with a spray from the fire hose.

Following the parade, there were rides and food in the park.  This was another great place for candid street photography.

As always here are the rest of the photographs I took during the celebrations.

Enjoy and please feel free to comment and offer feedback.


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