Cheryl’s Senior Photos

As they say in photography, the subject matter makes a huge difference on how well the photograph turns out and looks.  I think that saying applies here.  I believe with this beautiful young lady it would be hard to take a bad photograph. 🙂

We wrestled with the idea of going out today to take photographs since there was a snow storm last night and the temperature was hovering around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  We didn’t stay out long, but I think we got some great photographs.  I took these shots with the Nikon 85mm 1.8G lens.  It is an awesome portrait lens that creates wonderful bokeh (The blurry smooth background).

I think when the weather is warmer we might walk around closer to this waterfall area and take some more shots.  I think it would make a great back drop.

The last shot in the series I took as she was talking…. I thought it was a great alluring shot….Cheryl not so much 🙂

Here is the series of the 8 photographs that made the cut.

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