Trout Lake

Spent this evening out on Trout lake in Shasta Valley with a good friend Matt Baun, for the opening day of fishing on this reservoir.  Took my new bamboo fly rod, I just finished making, out for its maiden voyage!!  Nice action and looks really sexy also, but I may be partial here. 

As you can tell from the photographs the wind was blowing something fierce.  This made photography and fishing a little more difficult.  Such a gorgeous location though, and being out on the lake beats most other activities.

Love the new lens, the 35mm f/1.8G is really sharp and focus is quick and accurate.  Would love to get the Nikkor 24-70mm zoom though.  There were a few shots I had wished for a longer focal length.  Also was once again pleased with the performance of the D7000 now that I know to keep the focus out of auto and 3d haven’t had any issues.

Anyway enjoy the photographs I know I did taking them!


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  1. Now I’ve found some other pictures I want printed. Beautiful!!! Makes me want a better camera, and a little more experience.

    • Thanks Jolene, an inexpensive SLR would work great for you and make photography much more enjoyable. Thanks for the comment!

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