The Mistress….Porsche 997.2 Fall Colors

Over the last decade I have used the excuse of having a midlife crisis for making a few “unwise”, or “frivolous” purchases.  The number of these purchases vary depending on if you ask me or if you ask my wife, Taunya……  I’m sure I will continue to use this excuse for the next decade as well 🙂

Since purchasing The Mistress in mid August, I hadn’t had an opportunity to photograph her.  After taking photographs of the fall colors along the driveways I thought they would also make a great back drop for some portrait shots.

On the long straight driveway.

On a curved section.

Ella wanted me to include a picture of the small tree frog we saw as well. 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t get its eye in focus.  This is very hard to do with macro photography since the depth of field is so narrow.  A lot of the time to get the whole subject in focus you actually have to use multiple images and do what is called focus stacking. 

Here is the complete gallery.

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