Jared’s Flight to MTC

I know these photos are only relative to family and friends, but wanted to share these photos of my oldest son leaving today to begin his 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He will be serving in the Milwaukee Wisconsin mission.

Mom swore she wasn’t going to cry, but I’m glad she did, it saved me from having to.  There were a few tears from some siblings as well.

We are so proud of him for making this choice to serve the Lord.

Good Luck Elder Larsen may the Lord watch over you in your labors!

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  1. Those pictures even had me in tears. So sweet–the picture of Daniel in tears, broke my heart. Even the picture with Tyler at the table alone. Wow! It spoke volumes. Thanks for sharing.

    • It definitely was one of those happy/sad events for the family. Wouldn’t not have him go, but on the other hand will miss him.

    • I was just thinking about your kids this morning and wondered if I had mislabeled Christian. Is Christian the one in the green and yellow striped shirt or Daniel? And isn’t Daniel your youngest? My goodness, I need to get better at their names!

      • Thanks for the comment Jolene, yes Christian is in the green and yellow. Daniel is the youngest boy. It’s okay on the names I can’t remember all of my nephew and neices names either. 🙂

    • Thanks Tom I’ll pass along the thanks. His Mother has already emailed him 3 times, sent him a package and written him a letter and its only been 3 days since he left!!

  2. Jason it IK. we met at Mansurovs website on comments for 50mm – 85mm. Im very emotional guy and have a son and daughter. Happening like this always brought tears to my eyes.
    Even I wasn’t there but your pictures told the whole story.
    May God bless u and your family. And u should definitely proud of ur son having chose such path to serve God.
    God bless u


    • Irfan thank you so much, yes we are very proud of Jared. As a parent you are always hopeful your children will make good choices. Best wishes to you and yours in life and in the great passion of photography!

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