Arches National Park Take 2

So spent some time this evening going through some of the 500 photographs I took on my weekend getaway to Arches National Park.

With a storm front moving through the area the sky was amazing!

I love all of the detail on this sandstone boulder.

This arch is Landscape arch.  When I took the photograph it was into the sun.  I didn’t think I was going to get any detail out of the shot.  I was pleasantly surprised that with some editing it turned out pretty well.

I mentioned this in my last post on Arches, but once again I loved all of the dead trees around with their amazing details set in front of these wonderful arches.

Well not much commentary tonight, I’m exhausted from a long bike ride this afternoon and dealing with a sunburn to boot!

There are some great shots of Don, Jacob and Mitchell in the gallery so please take a look.


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