Sweet Creek Falls

Sunday in Florence after Taunya and I walked along the beach again we went searching for Sweet Creek falls just outside of Mapleton next to Florence OR.  Luckily it was the weekend because they are doing construction on the Sweet Creek road and usually only allowing traffic through for 5 minutes every hour.


After we left and I was looking through the photographs, I’m not sure we got all the way up to sweet creek falls.  We could have hiked for a mile, but it didn’t feel like it.  The images of the falls I took pictures of look like others of this falls, but it may just be the gorge area.

I would have hiked farther that morning, but I was also interested in driving up to Devil’s Punch bowl for some photographs. I had envisioned a full punch bowl, but alas the tide wasn’t high enough.  The tide was coming in when we arrived at the punch bowl.

We even waited until the reported high tide time and it still was only filling up slightly.  So in retrospect I wish we had spent more time hiking up Sweet Creek.

Sweet Creek trail is well-developed with bridges and walkways around the narrower parts in the river gorge.  You can see the walkway in this picture on the left.

The small falls along the creek were as fun to photograph as the sweet creek falls itself.

I’ve included the other pictures from this day in the gallery below such as seagulls around Driftwood Shores, some of the Heceta head light house and the ocean waves.

Once again because of the amount of moisture this area of the world gets everything was covered in moss.  This creates a great photographic look.

I had to climb down the bank to the creek floor to get this perspective on this waterfall.  A little farther down the creek the water goes through another slot creating great white water.

I needed a slightly taller tripod to get a better perspective here with the slot and the falls in the background.

Anyway if you have any comments or critiques please leave them below in the comments.  Thanks for visiting and enjoying my pictures.






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