Lighthouses and Elk

The Monday of our Presidents day weekend vacation get away was going to be our travel day back home along the Oregon coast following Hwy 101.  Before we left Florence I wanted to get a few more shots in so I got up early and headed out to Heceta Head lighthouse. There are usually some sea lions out on the rocks around the cave area so I was hoping to capture some good shots of them as well.

Unfortunately these sea lions didn’t stick around for very long.  It wasn’t long after I took this shoot that they left the rock for the water.  I was disappointed I didn’t get to see more of them out.  There have been a few times when I have been up around the sea-lion caves that there are 30 plus sea lions out on these rocks.



The night before, Sunday,  we ate again in old downtown Florence.  I made a mental note to come back here in the morning for some photographs around the pier.

I took quite a few pictures trying to get the perspective right with these lamps.   I was never completely satisfied with the shot.




These piers intrigued me with the varying stages of rot and coloration.  I knew there was a good shot to be had here with the right perspective, but once again I was hard pressed to find the shot I could see in my mind.



Once we left Florence I wanted to stop outside of Reedsport along Hwy 38 towards Elkton at the Elk viewing rest stop to see if I could get some good shots of the elk that are usually here.  I love how I caught this one sticking out his tongue.

My photography goals for the rest of the day involved getting good shots along the coast and of as many lighthouses as we could stop at along our way home. The lighthouse below is the Bandon, OR lighthouse.

I love this photograph of the Cape Blanco lighthouse framed through the opening in the sign.  I was lining up to take a picture of the sign and happened to see the lighthouse

through the opening.  So I played around with where to stand and the height of the camera to get the lighthouse framed.

As the day came to a close I wanted to be in Crescent city for sunset.  A few years prior I had been there with my family and had taken some great shots of the lighthouse there at sunset.  I have aquired a few new lenses since then and wanted to try them out to compare with the shots taken previously.

As is always the case with vacations the long weekend came to a close much too soon.  I am once again very thankful for a patient wife who put up with many stops and photos taken over this weekend. Both of the trips to and from Florence took 3-4 hours longer than they would have had we driven straight there.

Here is the gallery of the rest of the photos I considered keepers.  Please, as always, comment/critique in the comment section below.


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