Beach “Street” Photography

One area of photography that looks fun although very intimidating is street photography.  As Taunya and I strolled the beach in Florence I thought I would try my hand at capturing some candid shots of people on the beach.

I had initially planned when we left our room that I was going to take some pictures of shore birds that are usually running around in the surf on the beach.  Well much to my disappointment there weren’t any shore birds on the beach this morning.  Unfortunately I only brought my D7000 with the 300mm lens attached.  Fortunately, unlike true street photography on a beach there is plenty of open space so that you can take longer focal length shots.

The challenge I find in this type of photography is getting a candid shot that also tells a story and is interesting to view.  Can the viewer see themselves in the setting?

Unfortunately for Taunya she is usually with me when I am on vacation taking photographs and so she ends up in a fair number of them.  I can’t help that she is such a beautiful model!












There were a couple of dogs on the beach that were fun to take photos of as they ran around.


Unfortunately with the 300mm lens it was difficult for me to get a fast shot and one that got the subject in focus and not the background.  Some of the pictures I thought were in focus at the time once home on the computer I can tell teh ocean is in focus and not the people I am trying to capture.

Here are the rest of the pictures from that morning before we headed out waterfall chasing and other photographic opportunities 🙂

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