Zion National Park Remix

Back in 2012 I went to a photography workshop in the San Juan mountains of southwest Colorado. On the way home I took a detour to see a friend of mine David Webster and to photograph Zion’s National Park.  Recently when I added these files from a back up to my current Lightroom database they came over just as the raw files. I thought I would take this opportunity to reedit them since my tastes have changed in the last 6 years.

This Panorama of the Patriarchs is a 4 shot image.  I am getting this printed for the office in a 60 x 20 inch canvas.

ISO 100 24mm f/8.0 1/15 sec 

This is another “pano” shot of the canyon walls taken just by the visitor’s center.  Pano is in quotes because this is a single photo image.

ISO 100 24mm f/8.0 1/30 sec

Not sure what this peak is called, but I sure like it with the “river” in front and the rising sun on the mountain.

ISO 200 24mm f/8.0 1/20 sec

This was a difficult shot to get the exposure right.  needed a long exposure for the water, but not to long to over expose the bright mountain in the back.

ISO 100 24mm f/8.0 1.6 sec

This is the North Fork of the Virgin river which runs through Zion’s National Park looking out towards the valley.

ISO 400 30mm f /8.0 1/80 sec

ISO 100 24mm f/7.1 1/20 sec

ISO 100 24mm f/8.0 1/50 sec

Was playing around with long exposures and the Virgin river as it went over the rocks.  I love this close up shot of just a small section.

ISO 100 85mm f/8.0 1/6 sec

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these photographs.  If you see something you like a lot and would like a print either on paper, metal or canvas please let me know 🙂  

Here is the gallery of all the photos.

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