Spring in the Yard

Earlier this year I took an evening and walked around our yard and took some photographs of the new life happening.

I love this shot of the new leaves being back-lit by the setting sun down the long drive way.  The difficult thing was picking the right focal length for the shot.  To wide and it didn’t have the looking down a long drive way feel to it.  To telephoto and it felt crowded.  

This one I used the same focal length just the other direction down the driveway.  The higher focal length allowed for the edges of the photo to be at the tree line.  I can’t wait until this fall when these leaves have changed.

I took quite a few photographs trying to get the look right of these new leaves with the sun shining through them.

There were quite a few birds flying around and landing on these cattails.  

I like the way these tiny yellow flowers grew on this bush in the front yard.

Anyway here are the rest of the photographs from that day.

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