South Willow Lake Hike

Because I took so many photographs on this hike I separated them into two posts.  The previous post of the wildflowers and this post which includes the landscapes and the family hiking.

For all of these photographs I was using the 24-120mm f/4 lens with a circular polarizing filter.  I have found with my landscape photography I use the wide end of the zoom the most.  Because of this I have been considering getting the 16-35mm f/4 to gain a little more width.

  I really like the images the 14-24mm zoom produces, but it doesn’t take filters.  Because a polarizing filter is great for enhancing colors, reducing haze and increasing sky color and contrast, not being able to use a screw on filter is a big disadvantage.

Taunya hates when I include photographs of her, but I love these two shots of my beautiful wife so I had to share!

I love this shot of the dry creek bed. 

   Can you find Daniel in this awesome shot of the valley?

Love these purple flowers and the sage.

Lunch time!

Another beautiful shot of the mountain rim that forms one of the walls to this valley.

As always I’ve included a gallery with all of the photos for you to browse and enjoy!


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    • I did not make it to Colorado this summer 🙁 My son had to be back for a cross country high altitude running camp so I couldn’t do the education in Colorado. Was playing around with the idea of coming out for one of the workshops this fall, but was to slow on the signing up part. Spent the day over at the Klamath wildlife refuge, look for a post tomorrowish on some waterfowl!

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