Snow Day

Yesterday I went out searching yet again for a great photograph.  My son Tyler also enjoys photography, so I asked if he would like to come along on the “adventure”.  I gave him my back up camera, a Nikon D80 with a 35mm 1.8G lens attached.  This lens on a DX camera gives you a similar view to the naked eye.  It is also a sharp, fast lens for landscapes and general photography.

The conditions weren’t ideal for photographing, but I was hopeful for some good snow shots with the fog.  Sometimes fog can make a photograph interesting.

It was snowing on and off all day and bitterly cold on Highway 99 at the Siskiyou summit. The temperature was in the low 30’s and the high 20’s with a wind chill besides.  We would get out and shoot for 10-15 minutes and then get back into the truck to warm up.

It was interesting shooting in this environment with the fog and the snow.  I wasn’t shooting in black and white, but I might have well been.  There wasn’t much color.

The snow on the trees had frozen and then the wind must have picked up and blown off the top layers.  I like this shot of the green poking through the snow in a great pattern.



I took some close up photos trying to give a sense of the crystaline quality to the snow and frost.


There were a lot of trees that looked like tree on the right.  I had a hard time trying isolate a good “christmas” tree to get a great picture.  I knew there was one there if I could just get the composition correct.

This bush growing out of the rock was another time where I liked the way the plant grew right out of the sheer rock face, but yet again was having difficulty finding the right composition to match the image in my head.

Even though there weren’t a lot of great photos to be had this day, I enjoyed myself just being out in the mountains photographing nature.  I hope Tyler had a good time and that his love of photography will continue to develop.





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  1. Hey, several weeks ago, I tried getting close-ups of some snow on branches, similar to what you did, but my camera wouldn’t let me. I don’t know what I was doing wrong. If there isn’t enough contrast, will it not focus? I would try to take the picture and it wouldn’t let me focus or take a picture. Can you think of what it might have been? It isn’t the first time it has happened to me.

    • Hi Jo, the mostlikely reason was you were to close to the object you were trying to photograph. Every lens has a minimum focal distance that it will focus at and inside of that range things will be blurry. I would stay farther back and zoom in on the snow. Pay attention to the focus light in the viewfinder when it lights up that can help you know if it is in focus. If you want to take “macro” photographs you have to buy a lens usually a zoom that is meant for macro work that can focus at a very short distance.

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