B’Not Mitzvah Ceremony

Samantha, Robye, Addison

 The B’Not Mitzvah Ceremony

Bat-Mitzvah literally means “daughter of the commandments.” In the Jewish tradition, beginning int he late 20th century, when a girl turns 13 she becomes responsible as an adult for the observance of Jewish law-both ritual (between a person and God) and ethical (among fellow humans).  From Bat Mitzvah forward, the young woman is responsible for her own ongoing life-long learning along with observance.

The B’not-Mitzvah (bat mitzvah of two girls) is a community celebration.  The ritual offers the Jewish community the opportunity to celebrate and welcome the newest members.  The B’not-Mitzvah ceremony aims to ensure that the beginning of one’s journey as an adult is filled with Simcha (joy), blessing and an inherent seriousness of purpose.

Samantha and Addison have prepared by studying Hebrew, learning prayers and blessings, performing service work, practicing Jewish traditions and growing spiritually.  Today, the girls will help lead the Shabbat service and read from the Torah is Hebrew for the first time.

(The above is an excerpt from the program for explanation)

Placing of the Tallit by Grandmother

The Morning Blessings

Shema (Central prayer of Morning Blessings)

Amidah Prayers

Opening of the Ark

L’dor Vador

(Passing of the Torah from one generation to another)


(The reciting of blessings after a reading in the Torah)



Families Lifting and Dressing the Torah

D’var Torah

(Samantha and Addison leading a teaching of the Torah portion reading)

Parents Blessing

Concluding Prayers-Mourners Kaddish and Adon Olam


(Blessing over wine or grape juice and a challah)

Tossing of Candy

The B’not Mitzvah ceremony is a sacred ceremony that is part of a regular sabbath worship service.  Because of the sacredness of the meeting, I hope my photographs aren’t improper or offensive in any way.  Rather, I am hopeful my documenting the ceremony has given some insight into this beautiful ceremony.

Many congratulations to Samantha and Addison on this great occasion.

Mazel Tov!

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