Creek Fishing

Today two of my friends, David and Matt, and I took off for an afternoon of creek fishing.  The sun was shining, but the wind was blowing and with the increased altitude it was  a little on the chilly side.  Both David and Matt had some success, me on the other hand was successful at lots of snags!  After a couple of hours without any success with fishing I decided to pursue something I knew I could have some success, photography 🙂

Here’s Dave fishing the small creek for some brown trout.  We were using small dry flies.  Before we headed up to the mountains, Matt and I tied a few flies to use on the trip.  I think I like tying flies and making bamboo fly rods more than the actual fishing, since I am such a beginner fisherman.

Here is Matt fishing a section of the creek after the wind had died down slightly.  Once I had taken a bunch of photos and because the wind was calm, I got my fly rod out again and practiced fishing for a little longer before we had to leave.

For photography I brought my D7000 with my 24-120mm lens and also my 300mm lens incase there was some wildlife to photograph.  I did find some little birds to photograph but unfortunately I was trying to shoot into the setting sun.  I couldn’t get on the other side of the birds to take photos because I would have had to cross the creek.  Even though the creek is small it is still a few feet deep and very cold, so I wasn’t too keen on wading the creek to get some photos.

As always my knowledge of birds is sadly lacking so if you know what these orange chested birds are please leave me a comment in the section below!


On the way home we stopped at the viewing area for Mt Shasta off of Hwy 97 for some pictures of Mt Shasta as the sun was setting.

Matt also wanted an action shot for his land rover avatar so I took some photos of his rover in action!

The moon was rising in the sky so I grabbed my 300mm lens for a few attempts.  I found that a shutter speed of 1/1250th was about right to get the detail of the moon and to not overexpose it.

I’ve include in a gallery the rest of the pictures from the afternoon.  I hope you enjoy them as always as much as I do taking them!

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