Park Avenue at Arches NP

On Saturday I rented a car, the tires on mine are bald….., and drove down to Moab Utah and Arches National Park to see one of my good friends from Yreka, Don Hill.

This was a short mile long hike down a valley towards the spires in the background.  At this point I was hiking by myself as Don and his son Jacob and friend Mitchell hadn’t arrived yet.

All day long I used the wickedly sharp and amazingly wide Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 lens.  It truly is a very fun lens to use.

It is hard to believe, but I am literally 3 feet from these boulders in the foreground!

With the recent rains the wild flowers were starting to bloom.  As you can tell from the clouds it threatened to rain early on in the day and then again in the evening.

There were a lot of these old dead trees around that made great foreground subjects to the amazing red rock formations.

Well I have 450+ photographs left to post process over the next week!  This was just the first area I went to that day. We spent most of the day doing a 7+ mile hike in the area called Devil’s Garden.  I hope you enjoy these shots and that they give you a small sense of the grandeur of this National Park.



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