Owl and Hawk

On the Saturday of Eagle Flight Days, as we went over to the city park for rides and fun, we were treated to 3 owls in one of the large trees in the park.

Unfortunately, I only had my 24-120mm lens with me.  I had left my 300mm at home not thinking I would need it for photographs in the park.

The 24-120mm does pretty well, but it is nowhere near as clear as the 300mm is at that distance.  Also I had to crop the image much more than if I had the longer lens.  Recently I have been drooling over purchasing the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 G VR II for situations like this and others like weddings and event photography.

There were a few times he or she turned to glare at me while I took her picture!  She definitely wasn’t pleased with all of the attention.

I stood there and took photographs for about 20 minutes hoping that she would take flight.  I had just taken a photograph and was looking at the screen when of course she took off!  I missed the whole thing grrrrr!  I have missed many opportunities like that taking photographs of birds.  I turn away for just a second, distracted by something else and miss the best photo opportunity of the whole series.

Over the 4th of July weekend, I went to visit my Parents and siblings in Riverton, UT. On Sunday I went for a drive with my brother looking for wildlife to photograph or other photo opportunities.  As we were driving out of Butterfield Canyon, we saw this hawk on a power pole.

I was excited to be able to photograph this owl because it is only the second time I have seen an owl to photograph!

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