Orange Crush Picture Day

Here are some of the photos I took of Daniel’s soccer team Orange Crush.  They are a U8 team.

A few things I learned from this photo shoot was that I should have increased my film speed to iso 400, to allow for quicker shutter speeds. I found that 1/250-1/320 just wasn’t enough to freeze all the action at times.  Sometimes that is an okay look to have some of the action blurred out, but when a lot of the picture is out of focus you need to have a quicker shutter speed.

I’m still not convinced that my camera doesn’t have a back focusing issue with action shots.  There are a few photos where this is evident.  I’ll admit it may be my skills that are lacking in this area in the knowledge of how to set up the camera to get the optimal performance.

Also I realize that when shooting into the sun it would have been nice to have a larger speedlight to get some fill in light on the kids faces.

Still loving the versatility of the new 24-120mm lens and its clarity.  It focused quickly and accurately on nearly all of the 350 shots I took that morning.

If you see a picture of your child that you would like a full copy of please send me an email to my website.


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