Mann Lake Wildlife

Even though the fishing was difficult at best, I had an enjoyable time photographing the wildlife and the surrounding area.  I’m not sure what type of duck this is in the above photograph yet.  If you know please let me know in the comments below.

I like these ducks here with the black and white markings and the iridescent head and neck feathers.  Once again could use some help with this duck.

This Kildeer, a shore bird, is giving me a look that I see a lot of people give me….”And you are doing what exactly???”

There were several otters on the lake.  One time when I had waded out to about thigh deep in the lake a large splash about 5 feet from me startled me quite badly.  I was hopeful that it was a large fish!  But after a few minutes I saw the culprit swimming away from me, an otter.

So I went back later and spent a half hour photographing this little guy as he would swim out to get some water plants to eat and return.  He became use to my presence and decided to come in for a closer inspection.  He came so close I couldn’t get his small body in the entire frame with my 300mm lens, which was about 5 feet away.

I spent some time photographing this duck as he dove under the water searching for food.  I caught him in this photograph as he came out of the water to dive straight down.

Here is a different looking duck.  I’m not sure what type this is but I love his/her light gray head.

On the last afternoon we were there about 10 vultures flew over head and circled the valley.  Unfortunately they were in the direction of the sun, and so I couldn’t get a good shot of them in flight.  Matt once again came through though as we were driving out on our way home.  He spotted a vulture over on the fence.  Unfortunately the light was a little dimmer and I didn’t notice the shutter speed on my camera had dropped to 1/320th of a second.  had I notice this I would have ramped up the ISO to over 400 instead of the 200 it was on currently.  Because of this most of the shots of the vulture were blurry due to camera shake.  This one did turn out relatively sharp though.

The final instalment of photographs from our Mann Lake mantastic adventure will be photographs of us around camp and the guys fishing.  I should have those ready to go tomorrow or later this week.

I really enjoyed taking the wildlife shots and it’s what made the week worthwhile to me when the fishing was less than stellar.


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