Lunar Eclipse April 2014

“Blood Moon”

12:49am MDT

Monday night and early Tuesday morning the 14th and 15th we witnessed the first Lunar Eclipse of four over the next year and a half. I have never photographed an eclipse before so I was excited to have this opportunity.  I was unfortunately thinking the eclipse started an hour later than it did so the first hour of the eclipse I missed.

A few years ago we had a solar eclipse that I was able to see, unfortunately I didn’t have a neutral density filter at the time so I was unable to photograph the event.

The times of the photos below are Mountain Daylight time.  I took these photographs with my Nikon D800 and a 300mm f/4 lens combined with a 1.4x teleconverter for an effective focal length of 420mm.

I’m not talented enough, nor do I have Photoshop CS6, to combined these shots into one image.  🙁  One of my next goals is to get CS6 and to learn more about layers and panoramas and the other nice things you can only do with the full version of Photoshop and not Lightroom 5.

In the series above I left out a few of the images that I had in the series.  So for those interested I am including the complete gallery below.

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