Fourth of July 2012

Thought I would share some photos from the kids in the pool on the Fourth of July.  We had a BBQ over at the Thornburg’s after I had spent the day woodcutting with Steve.

After we went over to watch the fireworks.  We ended up watching from my office parking lot.  It is an okay location for watching the fireworks, but a terrible place to photograph them.  There was too much ambient light and a couple of large billboards in the foreground.

Photographing fireworks is an enjoyable challenge.  I’ve tried to photograph them with a fast shutter opening the shutter at the moment of explosion.  This can work some of the time, but I find that I get better results with a 2-3 second shutter speed that I trigger when I hear the firework launch.  this allows for the firework to explode and expand while the shutter is open.  It is also important to have a dark background to the fireworks.  If there is too much light behind or to the side of where you are taking your photos those areas will be overexposed.

Anyone else have fun photgraphing fireworks this year?  Share with me your techniques at getting those great shots!  Thanks

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