Eagle Scouts

Troop 58 of Yreka, CA

Over the last few years the leaders of Troop 58 have had the pleasure of working with some great young men.  They have been working hard to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout.  They have traveled the trail to Eagle as a group and because of this they will share the stage in a large Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  Starting 6 months ago the first of the young men earned the Eagle rank.  Over the next few months the others followed in their footsteps, with the final two scouts finishing up paperwork or a project.  The scouts will be recognized for this amazing achievement on the evening of June 24th.

In addition to the nine scouts receiving their recognition on the 24th, Grant Cowley and Jared Larsen have already had their court of honor for a total of 11 young men earning the rank of Eagle from the Troop.

Pictured from left:

Don Hill Scoutmaster, Sam Bakes, Mitchell Gould, Tyler Larsen, Andrew Giordenango, James Kimball, Chris Kilian former scoutmaster, Grant Cowley, Max Bakes, Jacob Hill, and Ryan Andrus, (Matt Wood, not pictured)

Congratulations !

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  1. That is awesome that they could do it as a group. How fun to share that experience with your peers. Congrats Tyler!

  2. What a great photo….what a great accomplishment. You have amazing leaders, and it’s no wonder you were able to achieve this honor and level of Eagle Scout. Congratulations to all of you. Well done! Now continue to Go Forth and Serve….through out the rest of your lives….
    I am a mother of 4 Eagle Scouts….love it.

    • Thanks Vicki, yes the leaders really do make a huge difference in young mens lives. Having good role models is so important these days.

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