Deadfall Lake Landscapes 2

So here are the remaining photos that I took on our hike a few weeks ago.  I loved the reflections the trees made  in the lakes, and all the wildflowers that were still in bloom.

Still learning to which aperture gives me the look I like when I am doing close-ups of flowers.  I like the large aperture and the isolation of the flower it provides, but then the whole flower sometimes is not in focus.  So I found between f4 and f7.1 gave me the look I wanted.  If the flower was relatively flat then I could get away with f1.8-3.2 which gave a better isolation look (bokeh).

Once again was really missing a tripod on some of these shots.  I just spent some money on a better tripod so I’ll be more prone to use it.

Enjoy these photos, and as always any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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