Deadfall Lake Landscapes 1

A few weeks ago I went with my son and the boy scouts on a campout to Deadfall Lake and Mt. Eddy.  The pictures in my last post were of the scouts themselves.  I am in the process of going through the pictures I took for “fun” that weekend.  This is the first of two installments of these scenery photos.

Loved the clarity of the 35mm 1.8G DX lens recently purchased.  I also discovered that 2 4gig cards was not enough room for my prolific photo taking.  😛 I only had enough room for 440 photos and unfortunately they wouldn’t all fit as raw files so……..I now plan on purchasing 2 32gig cards which may or may not be enough.

I also discovered I really need, well need is a strong term, would like strongly then, a camera backpack and the ability to carry additional lenses and a tripod.  I could have obtained some better early morning and evening shots had I been able to slow the shutter speed down more.

Anyway please enjoy these photos, I’ll try to post the remaining photos this next week.


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