Beaver Creek Chapel

I learned about an iconic chapel in Beaver Creek this week.  President Gerald R. Ford was instrumental in constructing this wonderful building.

I had the opportunity to talk with the caretaker of the Chapel, a man named Rob, I apologize if I am remembering his name incorrectly.  He told me a lot about the history of the chapel and the grounds surrounding it.

He told me that the reason President Ford chose this location for the chapel was the type of  tree on the property location.  They are actually still growing in front of the building.  To me they looked like aspen trees, but they are actually from Israel and the caretaker told me they are the tree the balm of Gilead is derived from that is referenced in the Bible.  The leaves have a sticky feeling to them and are larger than a normal aspen.

This is a shot looking through the front doors towards the front of the building and these trees.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the doors open to the chapel and that I was able to go inside.  My main reason for coming up to see the chapel was to assess the lighting situation inside the chapel for photography.

A shot of the main floor from the back of the chapel.

I was also pleased to find that there was a balcony in the rear of the chapel that would afford the opportunity to photograph from an elevated position.  This would allow for an unobstructed view of the stage.

I love the atmosphere this shot provides, one of my favorite from the morning.

It’s run off season here in Eagle county, and the rivers and streams are over flowing.  As I hiked behind the chapel I found this wonderful bench now in the middle of the creek.

I believe this is the memorial wall, which is also located along the trail behind the chapel.

It was a great morning of photography.  The Beaver Creek area is simply gorgeous.  There is supposedly a lake above this area that is a great hike.  I plan on coming back earlier on a Saturday so that I can hike to it and explore this wonderful area a little more.

As always here is the gallery of shots from the day.  Thanks for visiting!


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