Arches Part 3….of 4

Well, I got through another section of photographs from my weekend in Arches National Park. It has been fun editing them, although a much longer process than anticipated. I’ve liked many more than the 47 I’ve included in this post, but consider these to be some of the best.

As I said in the last post the sky was amazing with the storm coming in, and the awesome dead trees were fun to photograph against it.

Can you tell where the trail goes from here?  Believe it or not it actually goes up the slanted wall to the left, NOT straight up the incline in front of the lens. 🙂

The slope to the left in this photograph is the same wall on the left of the last photograph.  The trail route goes straight up the side of the wall!  It’s a good thing sandstone is “grippy”.

Once Jacob and Don had climbed up this precipice they realized it was steeper and higher than originally perceived.  Well, I should clarify, Don realized it was very dangerous and not such a good idea.  Jacob, being the teenager he is, didn’t see much wrong with it!

If you combined the two previous photographs you will realize this little point rises with a vertical drop off on both sides of at least 50-75 feet.

Really cool shaping of the rock here by the wind and water.

I climbed up a narrow shelf to get these shots of Devil’s Garden with these awesome tree branches.

This is the view from the end to show the drop off 🙂

Another crazy shot of Don jumping over a crevasse.  It’s actually farther than it looks in the photograph.

This double arch was a lot of fun to climb around on and to photograph.

Well, enjoy the rest of the shots of this set!  The remaining photographs to be edited are of the park as the sun went down and a storm rolled in.

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