Arches National Park May 2015

This is an additional post with more photographs from our trip to Utah, last week, to drop my son Tyler off at the missionary training center in Provo, UT.

Tyler had never been to Arches National Park, and I always love to go there and take photographs, so we stopped on our way for a quick visit.  I actually had never taken the hike up to Delicate Arch before, so I was anxious to do that hike.

Here is one with Tyler in the obligatory pose under the arch.  If you go to photograph the arch either be prepared to have people in your photograph or you will need to do one of two things. One, photoshop them out, or two, stand still and wait, and wait, and wait for your opportunity to snap a photograph without people in it.  Since I prefer to do this rather than photoshop them out, I waited patiently for people to move slightly out of frame.

The mass of people headed up on the hike to the arch….

Here is Balancing Rock.  My next visit to Arches I am going to hike around this area. I understand there are some great things to see and photograph.

On the back side of Delicate arch is this arch seen from a distance.

I love the texture of this next image!  The sandstone was etched in patterns.

Devil’s Garden seen from the road on your way to it and Delicate Arch.

With Taunya being a little afraid of heights, I thought this section of the trail would give her fits.  But, as always she surprised me and walked along here like a champ.

The arches in the distance I think are the ones you can hike to from Balancing rock.  I really liked the red ridge and the contrast in the setting sun to the green foliage due to the recent rains.

I took most of these photographs with the 24-120mm F/4 lens, but some of the ones of the arch itself I took with my 14-14mm f/2.8 lens.

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