Tiffany and Joshua Wedding Ceremony

To photograph the wedding ceremony, I used the amazing Nikon 70-200mm 2.8G lens.  This lens is amazingly sharp.  I purchased this lens the morning of the wedding.  I hadn’t planned on purchasing the lens I only went into the camera store looking for a flash bounce and a reflector.  They just happened to have this lens there as well….. I really NEEDED this lens because it is such a great lens for portraiture and weddings.  I mean, my wife would want great photographs for her sister’s wedding, right?  Unfortunately my wife, Taunya, had come shopping with me… I sent her into the mall to go shopping 😉  With her out of the picture I could buy the lens without feeling too guilty since we really couldn’t afford it!  That’s what plastic is for right?

Well, before the gallery I wanted to share my favorite from the ceremony.

The exchange of vows and rings

The first kiss as husband and wife

I give you Mr. and Mrs. Holloway

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