Larsen Boys Sledding

Well it should come as no surprise that I took the most photographs of my own boys.  Here is the gallery of their shots. ” order_by=”pid” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Please follow and like us:

Sledding in Gypsum

Last Saturday the young women and young men along with families of such went sledding here in Gypsum as a youth activity.  It was a great day for sledding with the temperature cold so the snow stayed powdery and fast.  I took so many photographs of people I had to break them up into different …


Winter Hike

Last Saturday we went on a short hike in the snow above our house here in Eagle.  There is a BLM land access just up the street from our house that many people use for recreation.  During the summer it is the beginning of a mountain bike trail called the Boneyard. It took quite a …