Ian and Cheri’s Wedding

On September 29th, 2012 my sister-in-law, Cheri was married to Ian at the Lake of the Woods resort in southern Oregon.  This is a beautiful resort set on a lake east of Ashland, Oregon.

The wedding was a great occasion and the setting was beautiful.  They arrived for the ceremony by row-boat which was a great touch.

These pictures are only a few of the over 400 photos I took that evening.  The formal pictures were taken late that evening at sunset by the lake shore.  Unfortunately I had forgotten my umbrella/flash clamp for my light stand.  This was partially remedied by someone holding the umbrella and flash. But as you can see I needed more light and another flash and umbrella to balance out the lighting.  Overall though I think they are great pictures with a beautiful background for the formal pictures.

One thing I learned from this photo shoot was that to get the great wedding pictures you need to be aggressive and move up and around to get the best shot.  There was a great professional wedding photographer there and this is what I observed him doing.  He would move forward for close ups and didn’t worry about where he needed to stand to record the precious moments of the wedding.

The other thing I learned was if I ever do this again is to make sure I set up specific times for formal shots.  Also going over the bride and groom’s expectations would be very helpful to make sure you capture the moments they are wanting to preserve.

I hope Cheri and Ian and the family will enjoy these photos as much as I did having the opportunity to take them.

Congratulations again to the happy couple!!

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