Evergreen Cemetary

A few years ago I was looking into some family history online and stumbled across a great great great uncle that had lived in Yreka, a John Stout, and was pleasantly surprised that he was buried here.  I knew that some of my Mom’s family, the Stouts, had moved to Klamath Falls but was unaware that anyone had come to Yreka.  I assume John Stout came here seeking gold during the gold rush era.

On July 12, 2013 Bob Vishneski one of the writers for Photographylife.com wrote a great article on photographing cemeteries.  This article inspired me to once again visit the cemetery here in Yreka.  It had been at least 2-3 years since I had been over photographing the local cemeteries. So after my mandatory Sunday nap,  I decided to spend Sunday evening walking around the Evergreen Cemetery.

This cemetery has graves that date back to the early 1800s.  There are a lot of great sculptured marble and granite headstones and pillars.  There is also a variety of other headstone materials from wood to metal. 

Because photographing headstones is a form of portrait photography, I brought my 50mm f/1.8G lens.  I chose this lens, one so I could get in more light since it was dusk and two so I could isolate the subjects better.  I used apertures between f/1.8 and f/3.5 with most shots taken with an aperture of around  f/2.0.

I’ve included in the gallery the other images from the evening of photographing the cemetery.  On my way home the moon was very bright and full so I made a detour to photograph it as well.

I hope to return to this cemetery soon to finish photographing what I missed.  There is also another 1800s cemetery out in little Shasta that I want to go and photograph in the neat future.  I hope you enjoy these photographs.  Thanks.

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