Patience and Dax

Patience is a female, chocolate lab and Dax is a male, yellow lab.  They are great dogs of my brother, Jon’s family.  They are both getting up in years now.  These shots were taken this year at my parents house on Easter Weekend. ” order_by=”pid” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Hair by Talia-Kailyn and Ella

Talia also did the hair of the bridesmaid and the “flower” girl, (actually bubbles 🙂 ).  Here are the photos of the process and the finished result for Kailyn. [Show as slideshow] I can at least speak for Ella’s mother, she was very appreciative that Talia did her hair so she didn’t have to try …


Hair by Talia-Tiffany

If you are looking for a talented and extremely nice, hair and makeup artist for your wedding/Prom/formal etc I, and more importantly, Tiffany, would highly recommend Talia! One of the fun things about being the wedding photographer for my sister-in-law was getting to spend the day with her as she got ready for the wedding ceremony.  It was amazing watching …